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Orthodox Shrines of the Russian North: The Kirillo-Belozersk Monastery. Valaam Singing Culture Institute Men's Choir, Igor Ushakov, director. Russian Compact Disc (2011). Image of Christ Pantocrator courtesy of You can learn more about St. Cyril and the Valaam Men's Choir at the following links:

[0:00] Blazhen muzh (Blessed is the man) [Znamenny Chant] (arr. A. Popov)
[5:13] Svete tikhij (O gladsome radiance) [Znamenny Chant] (arr. A. Popov)
[9:42] Prepodobne otche nash Kirille (Our Holy Father Cyril) [Little Vespers, "Glory", in tone VI] (arr. A. Popov)
[14:57] Ot junosti moeja (From My Youth) [Antiphon, in tone IV, Znamenny Chant] (arr. A. Popov)
[20:26] Budi Imja Gospodne (Blessed be the name of the Lord) (arr. N. Uspensky)
[21:31] Dostojno est (It is truly meet and right) [Znamenny Chant] (arr. A. Popov)
[25:59] Kto est sej Tsar Slavy? (Who is the King of Glory?) [Znamenny Chant] (arr. A. Popov)
[28:27] Priidite, poklonimsja (O come, let us worship) (arr. N. Uspensky)
[29:17] Edinorodnyj Syne (The Only-begotten Son) [Znamenny Chant] (arr. A. Popov)
[31:47] Kheruvimskaja pesn (The Cherubimic hymn) [Znamenny Chant] (arr. St. Smolensky)
[36:40] Nyne sily nebesnyja (Now the Powers of Heaven) (arr. N. Uspensky)
[40:03] Dostojno est (It is truly meet and right) (arr. S. Trubachev)
[41:27] Da ispolnjatsja usta moja (Let my mouth be filled with thy praise, O Lord) (arr. M. Brazhnikov)
[43:28] Den preshed (The day has passed)
[44:35] Priidite, poslednee tselovanie dadim (Come, let us give the last kiss) [Stanza, in tone II, Znamenny Chant] (arr. I. Ushakov)
[47:54] Jako tsvet uvjadet (As a flower withers) [Stanza of repentance, in tone II, Znamenny Chant] (arr. I. Ushakov)
[50:21] Razbojnika blagorazumnago (The Wise Thief) [Znamenny Chant] (arr. S. Trubachev) V. Miller
[53:41] O, vsepetaja Mati (O Mother Whom all men sing) (arr. N. Uspensky)
[55:49] Khvalite Imja Gospodne (Praise the name of the Lord) (arr. N. Uspensky)
[58:45] Voskresenie Khristovo videvshe (Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ)
[1:00:40] Otche prepodobne Kirille (Holy Father Cyril) [Stanzas, in tone I] (arr. I. Ushakov)
[1:05:20] Da vozraduetsja dusha tvoja o Gospode (Let your soul exult in the Lord)
[1:08:59] Ton Despotion (Pontifical many years)
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