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credits:The Monks Of Simonopetra Monastery(Unknown Monks2)
[0:00:00]1. Douli Kyrion
[0:05:00]2. Logon Agathon
[0:18:04]3. Psalm 135
[0:26:29]4. Polyelaion
[0:33:08]5. From the Years of My Youth
[0:39:43]6. God Save Your People
[0:43:11]7. Canon of the Theotokos
[0:50:30]8. The Lauds
[0:53:33]9. Poiois Oi Euteleis
[0:56:30]10. All Holy Despoina
[1:00:49]11. Doxology
[1:13:14]12. Bless the Lord Oh My Soul
[1:20:09]13. Trisagion, Dynamis
[1:28:50]14. Cherubic Hymn
[1:35:25]15. Leitourgika
[1:48:02]16. Aksion Estin
[1:51:52]17. Panton Ton Agion
[1:54:03]18. Tou Deipnou Sou Tou Mystikou
[2:02:00]19. Plerotheto To Stoma Hmon
[2:03:11]20. Through the Prayers
[2:03:40]21. Prosdeksai Kyrie
[2:06:19]22.50th psalm

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