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(NECN: Mike Cronin, Worcester, Mass.) - A religious painting is expected to draw thousands to a special church service in Worcester, Mass. Tuesday evening.

It's a painting of the Virgin Mary, and some say it can perform miracles.

It's on display and bringing people together to see what some say is a miracle.

"I prayed from the bottom of my heart. I felt that Jesus and St. Mary are listening to me," says Clara Elnerm.

The Elnemr family is one of many flocking to the St. George Orthodox Cathedral in Worcester Tuesday. It's all to see a religious painting, called the Hawaiian Iveron Icon of the Virgin Mary. Five years ago, a Hawaiian clergy member discovered his painting suddenly smelt of roses and was gushing myrrh, a type of oil.

"It's a miraculous icon that's performed many miracles," says Walter Haddad. http://m.oc.gs/keysaw

The icon is touring the east coast this month, much to the delight of Haddad, the president of the east orthodox churches of central Massachusetts.

"The oil is supposed to be miraculous oil. That's why everybody's coming to be anointed with her tears."

Clergy members say they don't worship the icon, rather they pray through it.

"Some people don't realize that miracles like this do happen. They do happen around us all the time," says Milad Selim.

Father Selim is the dean of the cathedral. He's been anointing those who have come by to pay their respects.

"We wanted to give this opportunity to the entire Worcester community to share this blessing with all of us and not just the orthodox church, but we've actually shared this with all the denominations across the area."

While many have visited the church throughout the day, many more are expected this evening to attend a special service.
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