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For several recipes, both fasting and feasting, please have a look at our parish\'s Recipes page: Enjoy! Beinidict
[quote] [b]Hazelrah wrote:[/b] [quote] [b]justasiam wrote:[/b] [quote] [b]Hazelrah wrote:[/b] Fast fast soup: Two cans black beans Two cans chopped tomatoes Two cans corn Heat, eat, freeze left-overs:^)[/quote] Just tried this and the kids loved did hubby. Thanks for the recipe[/quote] Hey thanks! I\'ll have to tell my mom she\'s a genius:^)[/quote] I do have to admit though I did add a can of mild green chiles ...we live in AZ
Wow, that sounds even better:)
Lent pizza (pre-brought crust with homemade sauce and garden veggies), and super nachos with taco-flavored soy \"meat\" and soy cheese. Annnnd...of course the spaghetti we have always with us.
I know the Dormition fast is over but... I lean toward Asian foods prepared with tofu or seafood/shellfish. Lately I\'ve been experimenting with various Thai curries (green, yellow, massaman) and peanut sauces. I pretty much eat curry every day during fast seasons. After Lent this year (it was my first Lent) I realized how happy my body was with those restrictions, so I try to maintain them as much as possible, although I am more strict during fast days/seasons. These recipes are great, though!!! Thanks!! Do people want curry recipes? Blessings, Tanya
[quote] [b]ReaderJohn wrote:[/b] I know I\'m weird, but I love tofu. I cook it \"Greek style\" by cubing it and baking in a pan with oil, garlic, onion, oregano, paprika, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. It\'s really good with canned chick peas which get a nutty, caramelized flavor, together with other vegetables like carrots and potatoes and even string beans. I bake it at about 450 until caramalized, about 30 minutes, stirring every so often so stuff doesn\'t stick. One might be able to leave out the oil, but I haven\'t tried this yet. Barbecued lentils is another favorite. Or lentils and rice, seasoned like the Greek tofu. (I like Greek food.) I also order Chinese food and ask to replace the chicken with tofu--like General Tso\'s Tofu. Mmmmm.[/quote] I\'ve eaten Thai food so much during the Dormition fast; but then, I, too, love tofu.
the whole point of fasting is to feel some starvation. If we start eating hot dogs from tofu, hamburgers from tofu, even soya icecream, then it defeats the purpose of fasting. Not eating anything at all also defeats the purpose of fasting because then you are harming your body. i usually eat some fresh veggies or fruits. Lots of water to keep that tummy full hehe and sometimes if im really hungry i eat some pasta, with just some sauce (oil free) The possibilities are endless but when you live a life where you have everything with a blink of an eye, its hard to just not reach for it. Imagine those poor children dying of hunger. They would take anything that is given to them without even thinking about if its going to taste good or not.
For lunch I often go to a local taco shop for a side of beans and a side of guacamole. It is cheap and filling. We often fix the soup already described (by hazelrah) or cargo rice with lentils. The rice and lentils along with salsa make a good filling for tortillas. We are still trying out other lenten menus. The hardest for me to do without is milk. Since we have our own goats, I normally drink a lot of milk.
barryk, thanks for the info. I have been to that website before and they have good answers and instructions for many topics. I read the article about fasting and now I think I can start doing it. I know.......a man living alone just can\'t do anything right.......:)
Anybody got suggestions on where to find fasting recipes for people who cannot eat any kind of bean or pea -- legume intolerant and allergic to peanuts and soy? Getting enough protein during fasts is a challenge -- even with seafood I tend to get sores under my tongue by the last week or two of the Great Fast, if I \\"forget\\" to ask for a blessing to eat dairy.
smaller portions of the same stuff I normally eat.... and try to avoid meat - but not reject it if it\'s given to me. and I don\'t know why, but when I do my old days\' pharisee fasting of sticking to the letter of the law, I always end up getting rather sick, and need to break the fast to maintain my health so i guess I\'m not a model monk... eating eggs on my pibimpapa and cream spaghetti during fasting times... but I wasn\'t a monk to begin with, either
oops, typo... pibimpap.... mixed rice... not mixed daddy! haha
Spinach-rice: take a bunch of spinach, rince is clean, put in pot with a handfull of rice, cover simmer until rice cooked. If you want, saute some onn in the pot before staring, also add the juice of one lemon alternatively a spoonful of tomatoe paste dissolved in water. Keep an eye and add water as needed so it does not burn. anothother favorite is chick peas / garbanzos with orzo, what our children have termed mommy\'s craft: take a can of chickpeas drained, two cans of vegetable broth and a cup of orzo, put in pot, bring to boil,then simmer for fifteen minutes, until pasts is cooked. Coverand let stand until liquid is fully absorbed. Add pil to taste.
The Apostle\'s Fast is coming up before the Dormition Fast (of course it\'s really short this year). We usually eat different things during the summer fasts than we do during Lent or the Nativity fast. We eat a lot of cold salad type of things, cold dips, grilled shrimp over rice with fresh tomatoes, cold potato salads dressed with herbs and vinegar, grilled veggies, etc. During winter fasts, we eat a lot more soups and stews and things.
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