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How should we pray today? How should we open our hearts to God?

Father: Well, we need practice. Prayer need practice. If you repeat prayer all the time, it become a feeling. Many holy fathers did the `mind` prayer and they won a free boon. After that, you feel amazing joy, happiness and peace wich is not from this world. Boon of a prayer, amazing joy....

Can you tell us what prayer should we use?

Father: Holy fathers say: Jesus prayer. It is: Lord Jesus Christ, son of a God, have mercy on me siner...When you practice it every day, you feel joy. Then, one day prayer start to live in you, against your will. That is amazing power of God inside of you, you feel peace and happiness, amazing happines, you cant actually belive what is going on...you love everythig, everything is good...Everything you see and touch is holy! That is free gift of God and it works all the time in your body, joy and happiness all the time. When you see some other person you see great happiness and you say: hallo, my happiness!
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