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MYSTERIES OF THE JESUS PRAYER a new documentary feature film from SnagFilms (Comcast & Fios On-Demand) and HarperOne book, focuses on the mysteries behind the prayer that is thought to have first been practiced by the Apostles some 2,000 years ago. The prayer is still chanted by monks and nuns in far away caves and monasteries but is mostly unknown to the rest of the western world. Many say that with this prayer, it is possible to communicate directly with God.

Very Rev. Dr. John A. McGuckin and Dr. Norris J. Chumley bring you to ancient lands of peace and solitude, filming for the first time hermits, monks and nuns in caves, monasteries and convents who share this ancient mystical prayer. The documentary retraces their steps and beyond, bringing the wisdom of both ancient saints and living Christian spiritual masters to worldwide audiences.

MPAA Rating: NOTRATED 2010
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