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He's taken from the Bible.This is amazing story of 96 years old stranger who suffering and redeem for his great sin (as he says) and begs God forgiveness.Can be seen each day to collecting alms in front the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans - "Alexander Nevski" cathedral, in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The most people before thought that he's a beggar while his amazing story was told on national TV. In the summer of 2010 in bulgarian Black Sea island were found holy remains of St. John the Baptist (were recognized as authentic by the Vatican) and this has led the society to observe one another saint.
In fact this 96 years old week man walk on foot every day from the village Baylovo to Sofia (43 km) whether it is winter or summer, even in the largest cold and freez, wearing only into old raunchy national clothes. He received the minimum pension of 200 leva (100 Euro), but until now he has donated 36,000 leva to Elenitsa monastery, 7 000 leva to "Seven Saints" church, 11 000 to "Saints Cyril and Methodius " church, and 37 400 lv to "Alexander Nevski" cathedral (the largest giver since the last bulgarian Tsar). He donates churches, collects money from people and gave them to God. Says that after years every one will understand what is the meaning. And with his children's sparkling blue eyes wishes everyone good health and God's grace. Tells us to love God and turn to him because only he will give us love. Youth and money go away, friendships are not sure, beauty is for few years, the vanity of life is short, but tells us where the truth is - God is truth. And judging by the reaction of people is right because most of them cry when they see his holiness. Seems like a real saint who kiss the hand and loves. Hardly can be seen such amazing goodness and saintliness elsewhere in our times. Once he was attacked by bad teens and good people come to his aid. Teenagers began to flee and he went after them to forgive everyone..
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