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In this discussion with Jean-Philippe Marceau we introduce the latest Symbolic World Course, called Symbolic World Metaphysics, based on JP’s upcoming book. JP also talks a bit more about his journey in the symbolic world, his unique approach to these topics, and what the course will offer. Join other Symbolic World metaphysics enthusiasts to experience a detailed introduction to the metaphysics developed in the Symbolic World over the past few years.
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This course will dive into content from Jean-Philippe Marceau's forthcoming book entitled Post-reductionist Christianity: A Way Out of the Meaning Crisis, which will be published by Symbolic World Press in Spring 2024. In the 5-week course, Marceau will provide a detailed introduction to the metaphysics developed in the Symbolic World over the last few years, particularly in discussions with John Vervaeke and Jonathan Pageau. Like in the book, Marceau will explain that nihilistic materialism, symbolized by the zombie, has died at its own hands, and that non-reductive naturalism is currently tracking toward a return to classical metaphysics. Then, he will explain how Christian metaphysics goes further than classical metaphysics and non-reductive naturalism, ultimately shedding more light on reality. Finally, Marceau will present advanced material not covered in the book, such as what distinguishes symbolic metaphysics from perennialist, universalist, or idealist metaphysics.
COURSE: Symbolic World Metaphysics, with JP Marceau. (Jonathan Pageau will also cohost 3 of the 5 classes.)
CLASS DATES: 5 classes, on Wednesdays, January 24, and 31, February 7, 14, and 21
TIME: 3:00pm to 5:00pm ET
PRICE: US$125 for the entire course
All course materials will be provided
Class 1: Zombies, Nihilism, and the Death of Materialism (January 24)
Class 2: Recovering Classical Metaphysics and Participation (January 31)
Class 3: The Incarnation (February 7)
Class 4: The Heart of Christian Metaphysics (February 14)
Class 5: Advanced Topics (February 21)
Join us at the Symbolic World Summit in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
Date: Feb 29-Mar 2, 2024
Tickets start at $399
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0:00 - Coming up
0:46 - Intro music
1:12 - Introducing JP's new course and book!
2:20 - JP's story: Materialism and reductionism
6:26 - How JP and Jonathan met
7:38 - Zombie nightmares
8:59 - Exploring alternatives
12:24 - Basic moral intuitions
14:49 - The meaning of zombies
21:35 - JP's resolution
22:58 - A path from materialism to the symbolic world
32:02 - The 2nd part of the book
34:22 - Miracles discussion
36:52 - No room for atheism
37:46 - An opportunity to participate
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