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This is a repost of my recent discussion with Seraphim Hamilton (@Seraphim-Hamilton) on his YouTube channel. He asked me many good questions about universal history, re-enchantment, fairy tales, the occult, divination, carnival, war, prayer, and ritual, thinking symbolically about your own life, AI, and more. Enjoy.
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0:00 - Coming up
0:40 - Intro music
1:04 - The Difference between Fairy Tales and Universal History
3:39 - The populous universe
8:19 - The Logos orders principalities
13:58 - Why does the Occult work?
20:35 - Divination and The Global Consciousness Project
30:37 - The humble bridegroom
35:52 - Divine presence and why Scripture is hard to understand
38:58 - Divination and The Global Consciousness project
43:38 - The carnival as a dark mirror
44:55 - Why Christ? A view of history
47:47 - Symbolism in Scripture and in other stories
50:34 - The sleeping bride
50:51 - Christ is King
52:17 - Attitudes to war and slaughter
53:47 - Praying for others
57:43 - Reading your own life symbolically
01:00:16 - The treasure in your heart
01:04:08 - You're like everyone else
01:07:47 - Fact and fiction collapse
01:11:36 - Intellectual trends to pay attention to
01:14:46 - Artificial intelligence
01:18:28 - The self-referential monster in AI
01:25:19 - Where is Jonathan going?
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My intro was arranged and recorded by Matthew Wilkinson.
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