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In this profound video, Archbishop Christophoros from Jordan delves into the very heart of Orthodox Christianity, unraveling its core essence. Archbishop Christophoros passionately expounds on the road to Golgotha, the way of the Cross, the narrow and often challenging path that Jesus explicitly spoke of, distinct from the wider, easier route. He urges us to grasp that this narrow path is the true route to the Heavenly Kingdom. In a thought-provoking contrast to our modern civilization's pursuit of comfort, Archbishop Christophoros challenges the prevalent ethos of seeking more comfort. He posits that while contemporary culture endeavors to make human lives increasingly comfortable, this quest inadvertently leads to a form of enslavement. Through this video, Archbishop Christophoros prompts us to reevaluate our values and priorities, encouraging a deeper understanding of Christianity's profound teachings about true freedom and our purpose as children of God. This is a sermon recorded in September 12th, 2021, by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese – Amman – Jordan.
English translation by Waad Rabahie
Video source (watch the full video here): Greek Orthodox Archdiocese – Amman – Jordan (
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