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The last true rebellion is death to the world. To be crucified to the world and the world to us.
DTTW is a ‘zine originally published in 1994 AD. In 2023 AD, Harmony was granted permission to adapt issue #1 into video.
Our goal is to inspire truth-seeking and soul searching amidst the modern age of nihilism and despair, promoting the ancient principles of the last true rebellion: to be dead to this world and alive to the other world.
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0:00 Welcome
0:33 What is Death to the World?
2:36 Skull Bump
2:43 The Last True Rebellion
10:06 Elder Bump
10:28 The Only Way Out
11:45 Typewriter Bump
11:51 Perfection in Pain
18:56 The Burning Beast
25:48 Lovers of Truth
26:33 The Cross
29:30 In Christ
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