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Archpriest Paul Baba shares his experiences with his spiritual father, Fr. Seraphim Rose, during his over 100 visits to Platina before Fr. Seraphim's repose in 1982. Also, he reveals the heavenly visitations from the great saint after his repose. We also hear about Fr. Paul's bookstore in San Francisco, St. John Maximovitch's miraculous help and visitations, and how Fr. Seraphim has influenced Fr. Paul's experience as a parish priest. Lastly, Fr. Paul tells us his thoughts on the anticipated canonization of Fr. Seraphim Rose and his significance for us today.
Unlike most videos from Orthodox Wisdom, this is an interview where you hear Fr. Paul himself, not the narration by Timothy Honeycutt as in other videos.
0:00 Intro
1:09 Fr. Paul opens, talks about his youth
4:01 How Fr. Paul first learned of the St. Herman Monastery in Platina, CA
11:36 First visit to Platina, meeting Fr. Seraphim in his cell
16:53 With Fr. Seraphim and Fr. Herman in the trapeza
21:46 Back home
25:41 Second visit. Fr. Paul wants to join ROCOR, St. John appears to him
30:30 A trip to catch fish; many Jesus Prayers, digging holes for God
36:09 Fr. Seraphim’s funeral
38:05 Fr. Paul moves to LA and prays for guidance
43:25 Bookstore in San Francisco
48:50 “You’re the one St. John told us would come.”
50:21 Fr. Paul sees St. John again
52:15 The miracle of the fire extinguisher
53:56 The glorification of St. John
57:00 A saint walks into the store during the glorification
58:13 Fr. Seraphim and St. John walk in to the bookstore together
1:00:31 Ordination to the priesthood
1:01:58 Fr. Seraphim knew Fr. Paul would be ordained a priest
1:05:27 The final days of the store
1:07:40 The birth of Fr. Paul’s son, Nathaniel
1:09:27 The anticipated glorification of Fr. Seraphim and his significance for us today
1:21:31 Outro
This interview took place in August 2022 at Holy Virgin Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church in West Sacramento, CA where Fr. Paul is rector.
“I believe it’s time to glorify this holy, righteous man!... There are many saints, but here is one right here for us. It’s time, and the people are longing for it.”
“Somehow, by God’s grace, the heavens came upon him and filled this man with wisdom. This Southern Californian, good looking man, who had all the attention. He could have been a famous actor, a celebrity. He opens up a bookstore on Geary Boulevard, because he found God and discovered the purpose of life. He acquires the Holy Spirit and spent his whole life doing it, and everyone’s jumping on that bandwagon with him. Arabs, Greeks, Russians, Serbians, you name it! Atheists are coming on board…atheists! ‘I read his writings and I could touch this man’s heart. I could see it, how pure… I want that!’”
Buy Fr. Seraphim's books here:
Intro and Outro is Fr. Seraphim and pilgrims in Platina singing the troparion to the Theotokos "Joy of All Who Sorrow":
Readings of Fr. Seraphim's writings from Orthodox Wisdom:
Archpriest Paul Baba is the rector of Holy Virgin Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church in West Sacramento, California. Parish website:
Orthodox Wisdom is dedicated to sharing the writings and lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church. Glory to Jesus Christ!
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