Fr. Ninos Oshaana
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B Y C H E Q U E (U S A only) - Cheques should be written to 'American Friends of the Celtic Saints' and sent to: 3736 W County Rd 4, Berthoud, CO 80513. All cheque donors will receive a tax-receipt for their donation.

I C O N S, S P I R I T U A L B O O K L E T S and P R A Y E R R O P E S made at the Monastery are available through our online store:

Remember to S U B S C R I B E and S H A R E !

The video 'When Reason goes against Faith' was recorded by Fr Seraphim (Aldea) at Iona Monastery (The Orthodox Monastery of the Mother of God and All Saints of Iona), on the Isle of Iona.

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