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All pious Orthodox Christians have a prayer rule, more specifically, morning and evening prayer rule, a set of prayers we say, or read or do with our prayer ropes on a regular basis. In this video we go over what do they contain, how to approach them and what to discuss with your spiritual father.
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00:00 Introduction
01:32 Discussing the rule with clergy
02:01 Contents of a prayer rule
02:53 Intermezzo
03:22 When are prayer rules performed
03:54 Length of a prayer rule
04:15 When in hurry or travelling
04:33 Spontaneous prayers
5:50 Skipping prayer rules
06:33 Vain repetitions?
07:44 Demons and distractions
08:11 Praying together
08:47 Outro
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Music: Spirit of Fire by Jesse Galagher
Narration: Miloš Đekić
Video Editing:
Illustration: Reader Bojan Teodosijević
Categories: Education
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