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There are many types of sacramentals, and they nourish is spiritually (and sometimes even physically), and they are all our different weapons in our unseen spiritual warfare against the world, the flesh and the devil. In this video we cover what sacramentals are, who can use them, what are some most typically used sacramentals, as well as the dark side of sacramentals themselves.
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00:00 Introduction
00:48 Etymology
01:49 Why, Who and Where
02:21 "I don't need this Mumbo-Jumbo No. 5!"
03:07 Thanks, sponsors!
03:27 Antidoron
04:16 Bible Unillustrated
05:15 Icons
06:10 Holy Water
06:46 Prayer Ropes (like the series!)
07:57 Prayer Books
08:38 Candles
09:37 Relics
10:15 Bells
10:57 Incense and Censers
12:06 Pectoral Crosses
12:46 Vigil Lamps
13:10 Holy Oils
13:52 Plant Emoji
14:22 Disposing of Sacramentals
14:45 Hoarding Sacramentals (hey, we all do it)
15:39 Sacramentals Not Working
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Illustration: Me (Reader Bojan Teodosijević)
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