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This video is a response to a discussion between myself, Jordan Peterson and Mohammed Hijab on Jordan Peterson's channel. Many people have reached out to me since it's been out, so here I give some background context and an explanation of why I reacted the way I did. I also talk a little bit about the Trinity, which Hijab criticized, explaining why it is important in Christian theology.
Talking to Muslims About Christ | Mohammed Hijab & Jonathan Pageau | # 297:
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:01:05 - Intro music
00:01:30 - Background context
00:02:26 - Hijab's motivations
00:06:12 - Talking about the Trinity
00:06:56 - Created and uncreated
00:08:59 - How God is present in creation
00:15:51 - The purpose of creation
00:17:50 - On evangelizing
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