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(Subtitles: Romanian, Greek, Serbian, Catalonian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese.)
St. Arsenios the Great was one of the early desert fathers whose sayings remain with us today in The Apophthegmata Patrum, or Sayings of the Fathers. After a promising career as a teacher and tutor at the court of the emperor, Arsenios gave it all up for a life of solitude and stillness in the desert. Watch our video to learn more about his life and sayings.
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Director/Editor - Efstratios Papageorgiou
Theological Advisor - Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou Ph.D.
Script - Michael Gavalas
Art - Marina Papageorgiou (facebook: & On instagram as
Narrator - Ionnis Serakseris
Title Animation - Zoe Filutowski (
Intro Animation - Toby Garrow
Flower wilting time-lapse found here:
Music mostly from:
Music at 7:07 by Petrolukas Chalkias can be found here:
Cherubic Hymn 2 (Kladas) which can be found at 9:38 is by Romeiko Ensemble
The vast majority of the Stock footage is from:
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