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The goal of this is to share this song, and to in part, raise funds for the Matchgirl Project which is to write a contemporary treatment as a graphella, (illustrated novella or otherwise known as a graphic novel) and to create a short film using original music. Should be out by the 9th of November 2022.

I like writing graphic novels and writing their theme songs.

This is a track for an upcoming film short/novella/ inspired by the story "the match girl" by Hans Christian Andersson written in 1845.

I using the release of this song to crowdfund raise for my creative life, and to be able to share it with others.

Here are the ways you can support this project, for as low as 1.25:

download a copy of the song at

if you want to get support my creative process you can donate here and receive a free download, of this song at: https://www.givesendgo.com/MatchGirltheSong,
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Find out more about me at

Check out my CrowdFund Page and Matchgirl Merch! on my Bandzoogle site.

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