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on April 17, 2015 485 views
Documentary – USA – Antiochian
David DeJonge
Abbot Tryphon talks about the reasons why monks never dress like the rest of us.
This documentary explains how Orthodoxy studies the world in order to understand and speak to it, but witnesses to it by remaining true to itself. Abbot Tryphon makes the case for clerics wearing recognizable clerical garb because it allows them to image Christ to others (even if the best cultural referent people have is “wizard”!). While this is a divisive issue within Orthodoxy, the logic he describes works for both the collar and the cassock. There may well be other reasons to prefer the cassock over the collar (or наборот), but Lord have mercy … if you are an Orthodox clergyman wear something that allows people to know to recognize you as such! This world needs priests – and they need to be able to recognize them as such (I wish it could go without saying that how we act is critical, as well)!
– Fr. Anthony Perkins
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