Benedict Simpson
on March 3, 2015 318 views
What happens when we do not experience God’s truth and love in a tactile way, or what happens when we feel that God is not merciful, or even more commonly, what happens when we feel that God is just not there?
I’ll tell you that we begin to substitute our own self will to replace that which is God’s will and we become ever more distant from the source of Love and Mercy.
So the question remains... Why do we suffer at times and do not experience being filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit? Why do we, at times, do not feel “on fire” for Christ?
This Gospel tells us something about ourselves in that it points out our own propensity to want to live our own lives without the consequences of our bad behavior. Even worse, some of us may wish to live for Christ, but not have to carry the Cross. Do do such is impossible! For we are called to be Christians; to be Christ Followers. If we follow Christ, we must also follow the way of the Cross. To not do so would be to become as the hypocrites who put on a good show for the benefit of others, but are inwardly hollow and dead in the Faith.
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