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I've seen an interesting article on Facebook recently. Quite an opinion piece but very sincerely written. Here is the link:

What do you think about it?

As for me, I'd say postponement of the Holy and Great Council is the best option. It'd be good for all - for the World Orthodoxy as a whole.

All these months since January Holy Synods of all Autocephalous Churches have been preparing their propositions. But it seems like they haven't had enough time to discus the wording of these propositions with others at the preparatory meetings. Even if something is discussed at the Council in Crete, it would be virtually impossible to reach consensus by the June 27.

In the same time, I believe that all these disagreements may be solved with some extra meetings. All Churches are really interested in the Council but want their opinions to be taken into account. Just more time is needed so as to they agreed on accurate wording of the Council's documents.

The more preparation done - the more fruitful the Council will be. And nobody will doubt the Council's status and decisions! I.e. there will be no threat of the schism.
Even EP's Metropolitan Kallistos has acknowledged that postponement is a sensible option:

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