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I started fasting the middle of last lent so we were past cheesefare. Also just got back from a trip so I am behind on menu planning. Luckily Dh doesn\'t get home till tomorrow night. I\'ve thought of lagagne and veggie pizza, cheese enchiladas. I\'d love to hear what other people like to serve. Thanks!
Here are a couple of household favorites: Tofu with oystersauce and peas and noodles: Saute a cut up onion in oil (olive or other), the add a brick or more of tofu and saute for another few minutes, Then add a package of frozen peas (and/or any other vegetable) and a few squirts of Thai fish sauce and or soy sauce and a few squirts of Chinese style Oyster Sauce (most groceries carry these in the Oriental food aisle if you don\'t have an Asian grocery.)These are salty so go easy at first). Cover and simmer until the peas are defrosted and cooked. Add some black pepper or hot sauce to taste and maybe a liitle sesame oil and or garlic powder. Serve with Chinese or any other sort of noodles. Lenten Hopping John: Cook about a cup (dry) of rice, white or brown and set aside. If you don\'t salt the rice you can add fish sauce for salt and flavor when you add the rice below. Saute an onion, fresh garlic, and green bell pepper in some olive or other oil. Add one whole can of black eyed peas with the liquid. Cook uncoverd until almost all of the liquid is evaporated. Add a little more oil, and stir in the cooked rice and mix completely. Add hot pepper, red or black to taste and serve.
This posted before I got to proofread. For the first recipe cut up the tofu into bite sized peices before adding.
This is not a menu but it is a funny true story that I thought I would post. One time at a parish.... The Parish website included a complete calendar of events which, like this week, included \\"Cheese Fare Sunday\\" among the \\"events\\" for that week. The bookkeeper (not Orthodox but had been working for that church for a few years) answered the phone and the conversation went something like this: Hello, #@@ Cathedral, may I help you? Yes, I was looking at your website. What kinds of cheese are you having at your Cheese Festival? I\'m sorry but I don\'t know what Festival you are talking about. Our Greek Festival isn\'t for another four months. Your website says, \\"Cheese Fare Sunday\\" What kinds of cheese are your serving? OH......(chuckles) That means this is the last Sunday of eat dairy products before Lent starts. (chuckles again) Oh. thanks (hangs up) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL from the bookkeeper. True Story
Fr Athanasios
That Lenten recipe book is awesome! I always pick up cookbooks from different parishes if I am visiting and they always have a lenten section of recipes in them.
Thanks to everyone for the recipes and ideas! Hope everyone\'s lenten journey goes well. Lisa
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