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I was wondering about the significance of fasting of the elevation of the Holy Cross. Does anyone know about that? Thanks!
Maybe my question is too basic, or isn\'t clear. It\'s just that when I think about it, the feast of the Elevation is a celebration of two very important events, and so it\'s counterintuitive to me that we fast on that day. Someone suggested that the cross itself is a reminder of the cross we have to carry and the things we need to do to be saved, which includes prayer and fasting, but I can\'t help but think there\'s another reason.
Ask yourself (or your priest) why fasts are called for in the leadup to other great feasts.
The feast of the Elevation of the Cross is basically like Holy Friday. Even the Gospel reading is about the crucifixion. That is why is is a fast even if it falls on a Sunday
Thanks for helping a Newbie out. BlackK, what other great feast are you thinking of that the elevation is leading up to?
There are four fasting periods in the Church year, which lead to the feasts of Apostles Peter and Paul, the Dormition of the Mother of God, the Nativity of the Lord, and, of course, Great Lent and Holy Week which lead to Pascha. The eve of the beheading of St John the Baptist is a strict fast day in many Orthodox traditions as well.
Actually the Elevation of the Cross is connected to the Feast of the Transfiguration. Christ was transfigured 40 days before He was crucified, the Feast of the Elevation , which as I mentioned is like Holy Friday, is 40 days after the Transfiguration.
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