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Thread: Icon Question
[quote] [b]Kerygma wrote:[/b] [quote] [b]crosscrafter wrote:[/b] It is considered a sin to just throw away an image of Christ (not too sure of the saints). the proper way to (get rid of) would be to burn, not to put in a trash can. Using these wonderful icons to create art work for the home or really great way to get sunday school classes to create things out of them is best. [/quote] Nonsense. I\'m not sure who considers it to be a sin, but if that really were what Orthodoxy taught, I would run, not walk away from it. I\'m not a materialist. An image is just an image. I understand our view of icons which have been blessed. Images on bulletins and in comics (yes...even some Sunday schools have images of our Lord) are NOT sacred... period. You wish to treat them so... fine. I don\'t. Let\'s agree to disagree.[/quote] Right, I\'ve heard different opinions on this one as well. It\'s really hard to tell...
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