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In this dialogue with the amazing artist and iconographer, Aidan Hart, we discuss an image he has been developing depicting the New Jerusalem. This cosmic image shows many fractal relationships, including the Garden of Eden, the role and destiny of mankind, heaven, earth, and all of creation. It’s a beautiful synthesis presenting the positive aspect of the apocalypse.
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00:00 - Coming up
00:49 - Intro music
01:15 - Introduction
01:28 - discussions with aidan
02:20 - Aidan's image
04:05 - The elements
07:23 - Why the Virgin is at the top
09:40 - Chronos and Kairos
13:42 - The trees and the cross
16:27 - The rivers
20:56 - The eighth day
24:53 - The sun and moon
26:20 - Adam and Eve
30:24 - Clinging to the symbol
32:29 - The real Tesseract
38:52 - The carving behind Aidan
40:42 - Carving with different materials
42:29 - More details in the image
46:20 - Aidan's work
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My intro was arranged and recorded by Matthew Wilkinson.
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