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I sit down with Ted Lewis to discuss the work of Jacques Ellul and his views, on technology, Christianity, civilization, and transpersonal agency.
Ted Lewis is Executive Director of the International Jacques Ellul Society. Full bio:
International Jacques Ellul Society:
The Ellul Forum:
List of books shown on screen:
- The Technological Society, by Jacques Ellul
- The Secular City, by Harvey Cox
- The Empire of Non-sense, by Jacques Ellul
- The Humiliation of the Word, by Jacques Ellul
- The Ellul Forum
- I See Satan Fall Like Lightning, by René Girard
- The Space Trilogy, by CS Lewis
- The Technological Bluff, by Jacques Ellul
- The Technological System, by Jacques Ellul
- The Abolition of Man, by CS Lewis
- Presence in the Modern World, by Jacques Ellul
00:00:00 - Preview
00:01:15 - Intro music
00:01:40 - Introduction
00:02:40 - Jacques Ellul's warning
00:05:40 - Ellul's influences
00:06:56 - Biblical images of the city
00:09:03 - Ellul's suspicion of imagery
00:10:45 - Reconciling the word and image
00:12:41 - Ellul: Principalities and powers
00:19:10 - Symbol and the lie
00:24:55 - The positive Image in Scripture
00:31:34 - Ellul now: The Technological Bluff
00:37:26 - The Tower of Babel
00:41:10 - That Hideous Strength phrase
00:43:12 - The divine council
00:50:50 - Ted's work and advice in the modern world
00:56:17 - Closing words
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My intro was arranged and recorded by Matthew Wilkinson.
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