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NEW BOOK! 📖 On the Reception of the Heterodox, NOW AVAILABLE HERE: 👇
Purchase our new book by July 30th and receive the following bonus content (found on your account page on the UMP site):
- Interview with Fr. Josiah Trenham: Current Issues Facing Young Adults.
- Interview with Fr. Turbo Qualls: Smash Your Idols: Worship the True Christ.
- Lecture by Fr. Peter Heers: Lead us in Thy Way, That We May Walk in Thy Truth.
- Article on Fr. Seraphim Rose and his views on the reception of converts.
- Article by Fr. John Reeves: The Ecumenical Impact on Orthodox Witness and Mission: A Convert's Reflections.
- Access to an exclusive Q&A session ‘On the Reception of the Heterodox’ with Fr. Peter Heers.
GET 12 E-BOOKS for $33 (normally $107!) when purchasing ‘On the Reception of the Heterodox.’
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