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This is a talk I gave in April at the Scala Foundation's April 2023 conference on Art, the Sacred, and the Common Good held at the Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. Featuring in-depth discussions with artists Jonathan Pageau, Aidan Hart, and Rifle Paper Company Co-Founder Anna Bond.
In this talk, I address art and its relation to memory and identity, especially as applicable on the civil level. Public art forms part of and is a reflection o our common identity. I also discuss the unique opportunity in sacred art, which connects us not only to each other but also objective reality, the ultimate source of all identities.
Original post by Scala Foundation: Jonathan Pageau at Scala Conference 2023: "Memory and the Role of Art in Identity" -
Warmup discussion: The Mother of God - Scala Foundation webinar -
Playlist of all the talks at the event:
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00:00:00 - Preview clip
00:01:17 - Introduction
00:03:38 - Start of talk: The start of his icon carving career
00:05:29 - The current perception of art
00:08:46 - A more universal vision of art
00:14:22 - Ancient art and coming together
00:17:54 - Art binds us to what's most important
00:20:01 - Secular participative art
00:22:53 - The breakdown of public art
00:27:10 - Identity and opposition
00:31:17 - Remembering the origin
00:34:57 - Art gone wrong: Babel and propaganda
00:40:21 - The Christian vision of art
00:50:03 - The final image
00:53:05 - End of talk
00:53:13 - Question: Heavenly Jerusalem
00:58:03 - Q: Are the arts up to the task?
01:07:35 - Q: What does repentance look like civically?
01:10:00 - Q: Connecting te Church and the home
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My intro was arranged and recorded by Matthew Wilkinson.
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