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Help build the Abandoned Churches in Kenya (currently up to Church No.14 of SAINT EPHRAIM OF NEA MAKRI + No.15 of our PANAYIA)
Help feed the Kenyan Orphans (11 Parishes as of 20/04/2023)
59) The 250 yo Holy Lavitha has been through 3… And the doctor that took Holy Communion and then…
Bishop catches on fire during Holy Communion - God’s Warning
Fr.Savva Ayioritis analysis Bishop on fire+vision
21) Holy Spirit CAUGHT on Camera in Holy Communion preparation
GOD REVEALS THE TRUTH to us, through a Monk about the … + SOLUTION
43)Holy Communion Miracle with AIDS patient+Interview w Archbishop Makario of Kenya
12)Can Holy Communion make you sick? Answer with Proof + My Miracle number 2 ΜΕΓΑ ΘΑΥΜΑ
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