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Help build the Abandoned Churches in Kenya (currently up to Church No.14 of SAINT EPHRAIM OF NEA MAKRI)
Help feed the Kenyan Orphans (8 Parishes so far)
17)The Passions of Christ CAUGHT on AUDIO at The Prison Of Jesus Christ & Golgotha
1) Holy Light CAUGHT ON CAMERA in Jerusalem
54)JUST NOW:JESUS CLOSES/OPENS his eyes in Bethlehem + CAUGHT on camera
39) Miracle at Jordan River THEOPHANY (Jesus’s Baptism) CAUGHT ON CAMERA
27) Mount Tabor Cloud CAUGHT on camera during Holy Transfiguration Liturgy
47) REAL ANGEL + U/LIGHT CAUGHT on Camera in Jerusalem during Easter
Gerondissa REVEALS dialogue between Jesus and devil in Hades+120 dead people Resurrected
65)Miracle at The Holy Sepulchre-Surgery of The Angels
25) Atheist scientists false theory shut down (on Holy Light Jerusalem)
76)Holy Light does NOT burn - Proof
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