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Excerpted from "Cacodoxy Within: 10 Heretical & Innovative Ideas Promoted Today" by Fr. Peter Heers
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"Infallibility is a natural theanthropic characteristic and function of the Church as the theanthropic Body of Christ, whose eternal Head is the Truth, the supreme Truth: the Second Person of the Holy Trinity: the Theanthropos Jesus Christ. By the dogma of infallibility, the Pope was, in fact, proclaimed to be a Church, and he, a man, took the place of the God-Man. This was the final triumph of humanism. It was also, though, the second death (Rev. 20:14; 21:8) of papism and, through it, of every humanism. But, according to the true Church of Christ, that has existed since the advent of Christ the Theanthropos into this world as His theanthropic Body, the dogma of the infallibility of the Pope is not only a heresy, but the ultimate heresy. No other heresy has so radically and so comprehensively risen against Christ the Theanthropos and His Church as papism has through the dogma of the infallibility of the Pope, a man. This is undoubtedly the heresy above all heresies. It is the horror above all horrors. It is an unseen rebellion against Christ the God-Man.
It is, alas, the most dreadful banishment of the Lord Christ from the earth. It is the repeated betrayal of Christ, the repeated crucifixion of the Lord Christ, not on a wooden cross this time but on the golden cross of papist humanism. All this is hell thrice over for the wretched earthly being called man."
-St. Justin Popovich, "The Orthodox Church and Ecumenism," p. 149-150.
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