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I had an interview with the wonderful artist, Heather Pollington. Together we created a book called 'Snow White and the Widow Queen' that is currently being crowdfunding through Kickstarter.
Here we take you through our creative process, the inspiration behind the illustrations, and our grand vision for this and upcoming fairy tale projects.
I believe what we're offering here is an important course correction in modern storytelling. Simultaneously rooted in classic tropes but also enjoying the best techniques that modern and postmodern storytelling has to offer, 'Snow White and the Widow Queen' begins an extended journey into a fairy tale world of cross-overs and repeating themes.
We're telling the story in a different way: celebrating — not subverting — approaching classic stories not with cynicism or political moralizing, but with awe, love, and attention to the pattern.
This video was released to my email list as a sneak peek last week.
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The music was done by the one and only Dirt Poor Robins:@dirtpoorrobins
00:00:00 - Snow White intro
00:01:03 - Introduction
00:05:30 - What brought Heather to this project
00:07:51 - Iconography and artistic language
00:12:01 - The language Jonathan uses
00:14:38 - The world of fairy tale illustration
00:16:12 - The golden age
00:18:29 - Previous iterations of Snow White
00:21:40 - Heather's research
00:22:26 - The cover of the book
00:23:47 - A Christian dream world
00:29:56 - Dormition
00:33:19 - Mirror mirror and social media
00:38:11 - The prince and the castle
00:40:53 - Framing
00:42:22 - The cycle
00:44:46 - The dwarves' house
00:45:31 - The Witch and the Apple
00:46:51 - The Kickstarter
00:48:35 - What's ahead
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