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I sat down with Christopher Mastropietro, a trained philosopher who has been working with John Vervaeke on various projects. They wrote a book together called ‘Zombies in Western Culture: A Twenty-First Century Crisis’ and Chris is currently helping John to turn his Meaning Crisis lecture series into a book.
In our conversation we discuss how these ideas about symbolism in a postmodern world are changing our culture, what the new world will look like and what it takes to get there. We also talk more generally about growth and repentance, breakdown, grace, academia VS this online world, our upcoming projects, and the process of doing creative work.
- Zombies in Western Culture: A Twenty-First Century Crisis, by John Vervaeke (Author), Christopher Mastropietro (Author), Filip Miscevic (Author):
-Article: Love in the Time of Covid, by Christopher Mastropietro:
00:00:00 - Coming up next
00:01:48 - Intro music
00:02:14 - Start: the change of perspective
00:06:05 - Birth pains for a new world
00:10:08 - The old world is still here
00:11:39 - The role of Covid
00:16:23 - Is there a real need for breakdown?
00:21:56 - 2nd order despair
00:25:27 - Practising grace
00:34:14 - Gaining maturity
00:41:16 - How is Christopher integrating this into his life?
00:45:13 - Academia and philosophy
00:53:48 - What is Christopher working on?
00:59:58 - Jonathan's upcoming book projects
01:08:27 - Interpreting vs creating
01:14:19 - Staying in the world
01:16:39 - Mystical creativity
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