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Fr. Hans Jacobse has been an Orthodox Christian priest for over thirty years. We discussed the masculinity crisis in our current culture and how Fr. Hans’ work is aimed at helping men find security in their masculine identity. We also spoke more generally about gender in the meaning crisis, the priesthood, desire, brotherhood, femininity, spiritual warfare and rebuilding culture.
Fr. Hans’ service to men began in earnest over ten years ago when a young man approached him asking for help in learning how to become a man. As he embarked on this work more young men approached him and as he gained experience it grew to where men began contacting from all around the country.
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00:00:00 - Coming up next...
00:01:35 - Intro music
00:02:00 - Introduction
00:02:54 - Fr. Hans' work and the masculinity crisis
00:06:13 - What men need: Logos and brotherhood
00:10:12 - Orthodox anthropology
00:12:55 - Redirecting desire
00:15:43 - The path to true masculinity
00:19:17 - The relationship between masculine and feminine
00:21:24 - Masculine/feminine symbolism
00:26:23 - The male priesthood
00:29:48 - Rebuilding culture now
00:30:51 - Christ's masculinity
00:32:34 - Spiritual warfare
00:36:30 - Future prospects
00:37:57 - Gender exclusive communion
00:40:01 - The distortion of categories
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Emily Zushi
“Men have to be men so that women can be women.” There is so much wisdom in this one line.
September 30, 2023