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In this conversation with Fr. Stephen De Young we talk about the agency and nature of the angels and how they differ from us, the idea of the Son of Man, the reason for creation and the hierarchy of being (the counsel of God), re-enchantment, demons and rituals.
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00:00:00 - Coming up next...
00:00:41 - Intro music
00:01:06 - Start
00:02:02 - The success of Lord of Spirits
00:03:49 - The blind spots of the new atheists
00:07:15 - Limiting agency to humans
00:09:56 - A devotion to guilt
00:11:42 - A God of multiple hypostases
00:14:49 - The Son of Man
00:24:34 - The experience of time
00:30:41 - Man ruling over the angels
00:38:34 - Understanding the reason for creation
00:41:22 - Spiritual know-how
00:50:14 - The need for embodiment/practice
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