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I've spoken with Dn. Nicholas Kotar a few times on this channel. He is an Orthodox deacon, writer, storyteller and podcaster for Ancient Faith Ratio. He recently published another book in the Raven Son series called Son of the Deathless that's freely available on his website.
In this conversation we talk more about storytelling in our current culture and how we can approach more traditional storytelling while living in a postmodern world. We also talk about the new Lord of the Rings series, Rings of Power, Russian novels like Laurus, different kinds of stories like fairy tales and myths compared with contemporary fiction and much more.
Get Dn. Nicholas' new novella (Son of the Deathless) for free by subscribing to his website:
Eugene Vodolazkin - Laurus, a Glimpse Into the Medieval Mind:
00:00:00 - Coming up next...
00:01:03 - Intro music
00:01:28 - Start
00:02:53 - Nicholas' writing experiences
00:06:00 - Propaganda in storytelling
00:13:15 - Returning to old storytelling
00:15:15 - Writing from the wild
00:18:52 - Storytelling is not enough
00:23:07 - The absolute negator
00:26:17 - Laurus and the lives of the saints
00:29:50 - We had technical difficulties
00:30:58 - Identity in strangeness
00:39:31 - Your story VS fantastical stories
00:44:37 - Diverse casting
00:48:49 - Returning to the wild
00:56:34 - We as artists
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