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St. Gabriel of Georgia emerged, along with his homeland, out of more than sixty years of Communist oppression, wounded in his body but free and sanctified in his spirit, shining with his pure, childlike faith.
His ascetic and heroic life as a Confessor of the Orthodox Christian Faith amidst atheism and the harsh persecution by the Soviet Communists, became now a beacon of light for the people of Georgia as they emerged out of desperation and darkness.
Those who encountered him were greatly blessed and inspired. His personal suffering and Christian witness had already planted the new seeds for the Church of Georgia to flourish again, remaining faithful to Christ and true to their own long and rich Christian history.
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The illustrations were created by Marina Papageorgiou her work can be found here:
Historical and narrative Sources:
The life of saint Gabriel the fool for Christ of Samtavro by Nun Cornelia (Rees)
Music sources & credit:
Nathan spier(composer)
The track Clean Soul - Calming by artist Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
Hopeless – Jimena Contreras
The Tower of Light | Decision
Asher Fulero | Elegy
Lashari Georgian choir
Ensemble Rustavi
Study CD of liturgical hymns 1 - Gelati School
Arab instruments
Sound effect sources and credits
Panicked crowd:
created by sonic library
Patreon :\
Afternoon Crickets Long
Wind In Leaves On Porch
Soldiers, March - Large Troop Constant Marching, Heavy Steps Soldiers
Rise of the Enemy-FULL
Burning Fire with sound effects free to use no copyright
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