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A lot of prospective converts want to join the Orthodox Church, but having no church community close presents a challenge, as well as no access to the Holy Mysteries (that is, Sacraments). In this video we share some of our thoughts on what you can do to make your Orthodoxy alive until you factually become a member of the Body of Christ.
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00:00 Introduction
00:27 A Problem for Orthodoxy
01:59 Do Not Worry
02:19 Holy Mysteries
03:03 Satan and Worry
03:41 Orthodox Communities
04:28 Living Orthodoxy
04:44 Livestreams
05:10 Pitfalls
05:41 A Modest Proposal
Music: "Mer-Ka-Ba" by Jesse Gallagher
Narration: Miloš Đekić, Reader Bojan Teodosijević
Illustration: Reader Bojan Teodosijević
Categories: Education
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