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Picture of Dorian Gray is a classic novel about a nobleman who has a magical portrait that shows him his own soul. How would we act if we had a similar painting?
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00:00 Intro
00:55 Plot Synopsis
01:38 Our Experiment
02:33 Type 1: The Hedonists
03:19 □□□□□��□�
03:31 Type 3: The Diabolists
04:00 Type 4: The Lukewarm
04:32 Type 5: The Rigorists
05:09 Type 6: The Saints
06:00 Outro
Sound Editing: Miloš Đekić
Music: "Away" by Patrick Patrikios and "19th Floor" by Bobby Richards
Narration: Reader Bojan Teodisijević
Video Editing: Miloš Đekić
Illustration: Reader Bojan Teodosijević
Categories: Education
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