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Nowadays people often feel sadness, despair, lethargy, laziness, apathy, and all things satanic. Saint Porphyrios talks about turning this satanic energy into good energy.
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Saint Porphyrios:
"Some time ago, a lady came to me and told me she suffers from depression.
Depression... It is an unpleasant feeling that crushes you from the inside-out. You can not think... You can only think about that... You think you have serious thoughts... while in fact you are prisoner of an idea...
I asked her if she knows to play music. "I have a piano, but I have abandoned everything due to my depression. I have stopped it due to my depression, I live on pills. I don't want anything. I don't take care of my home anymore... I have abandoned my music. I have forgotten everything.
I told her many things about music... I told her that above everything else is the love of God. It is the greatest thing that captures the soul because it is not only an act of the soul towards God... but it is the grace of God that fills the soul and transforms it...
What previously captured the soul was a power of the soul. And instead of making something good out of it, the devil turned it into torturing depression...
I told her to start playing piano again... little by little... And most of all... I told her to pray... and to try to know and love Christ...
The main reason for depression and all evil things like lethargy, laziness, apathy, and with those, so many psychological things... that torture us... is that there is such a big ego in you..."
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