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I am an inquirer. I am taking weekly classes and attend the Divine Liturgy every week. Been doing this for about 2 months now. My wife is a preacher's kid. We both grew up in the denominational Church of Christ. She was raised more strictly than I. My parents rarely went to church.  She is not interested in becoming Orthodox at all and she and her Dad have tried to convince me that it is wrong. I know that it is right and true. I was wondering if anyone else has found themselves in this situation. I need prayers, guidance and friends. My parish is a very small and very new missionary church with a handful of members.  We have custody of 2 of our grandchildren who both go to Liturgy with me also. I need tips on getting them started with prayer life. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


Hello George,

I hope that since almost a year has gone by that you posted these things that you are getting more settled with your presuit to the Orthodox faith. I have runned into couples that have experienced the same thing that you have and the best encouragement I can give is to remember that you both love God and that even though you do not attend the same church you have each other to care about the remaining days of the week to love one another as Christ has called us too. I realize the people that have come to me about their struggle of one spouse (usually the husband that converts to Orthodoxy first or just alone) and how he/she feels without their spouse by their side is not easy, but I have reminded them that at least you have your companion the rest of the week compared to someone that hasn't found anybody. I pray God continues to bless you and you family as you serve Him.

God's many blessings,

Donna Marie

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