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My name is Eirini and this is my first time on the site. I am just introducing myself Smile

Last update on February 22, 7:22 pm by Eirini Chaddon.
Eleni Eirini

Welcome Eirini, glad you joined OC. I hope you enjoy your time here and find the site helpful in your spiritual journey. Please let me know if you need help with anything.

In Christ,

Fr. Ninos

Father Ninos Oshaana<br />Founder, OrthodoXCircle

Hello Eirini!!

Glad to have you here!

Thank you everyone! Kalh sarakosth! Have a blessed lent ☦

Eleni Eirini

Pavel Pavlov said...

Hi everyone! I am Pavel I am from Moscow, Russia. My parish is the embassy of Alexandrian patriarchate Church in Russia.

Kristos Voskrese! Welcome, Pavel. Nice to have you join us.

Fr. Ninos

Father Ninos Oshaana<br />Founder, OrthodoXCircle

Sorry for the late reply, welcome Eirini! 

I live in Toronto, Canada Smile 

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