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We're not sure, could we post ourspecific asking for help here or not - but if no, asking admin to let us know this and delete. 

It's a really shame for us to ask such help, but we are in a so bad situation now, so we were forced to publish this. Please, read our story and if you can to help - our family will be very grateful for any help! If no - please, just pray for us, prayers makes miracles. God bless all!

We came to Florida with the hope of a good climate for our kids. My name is Valter, I’m a master woodcarver and designer who create masterpieces, but for our 5 years living here I had just 2 orders from Florida, all others were from other states and for more simple pieces than I had hoped. We had a very bad experience with shipping company YRC Freight, which didn’t deliver our package on time as promised, and totally destroyed our work. They didn’t pay any for the insurance we had purchased and we lost all our money and work because of their dishonesty. This set us far behind and we have not have the work to catch up. Right now we live in the old mobile home, which needs to be repaired very often. It’s destroyed because of the years. My wife and kids has a terrible allergy because of the Florida’s humidity, climate and old house. Our doctor strongly recommended us to move to a state with dry climate. 

We’ve found small house in Texas, with a workshop in a small city close to the art community in Austin and additional work for Churches. We had owner financing for short term. We’re paying good, but when time for total payment came, we couldn’t to pay, because of the lost work and money, and broken credit history didn’t allow us to finish the loan. 

Please, help us to not lose the home in Texas and save our kids health. We have a new baby, Sophia, on July, 27. Please, help us to grow them healthy!

Here is our page for help here God bless you all for your prayers and any help!

Can I ask, why did you have another baby if you have no money? How many kids do you have?


Hi Donna,

Thank you for your words.  Kids are blessing from God ,  and we never think another way. This post was posted maybe year and a half ago. We've lost this home, and mostly because it was a fraud, as a result. We couldn't return anything. Neither money, neither house. So we still have not good times and still in Florida. But anyway, if God is sending us such hard times He provides power to got hrough it. Thank you for your suppoert and words, God bless you. 

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