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I'm hoping someone can coach me up on what I may be doing wrong with the Circles portion of this website.

Christ Is Risen!

I joined "Fiber Artists". When I did, I was able to see thread discussion, members, photos and left column info. Now I cannot see nor get access to any of that. I did contact the circle admin via on-line chat and am awaiting a response.

While I can view and access all the Circles I've joined via My Profile>Info, I continue to be unable to view or access them via my homepage left column. Circles shows (0) when I am a member of 6 (I think).

Are there any forum instructions anywhere I can access to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it? Could it be my privacy settings?

Thanks for any input.

I am only guessing... That circle was created in the old version of OrthodoXCircle, and perhaps it hasn't "awakened" yet, or the owner(s) haven't signed back in. Maybe you can start a new circle.
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