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I've added a picture and caption to [url=]An Open Letter to Catholics on Orthodoxy and Ecumenism[/url]. There are a number of others that could replace it, like an icon placing the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the center of what otherwise looks like a Byzantine Orthodox icon. [url=]Christos Jonathan[/url]
Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward,
Umm, the caption has a mistake. The vestments in the photo are those of a Metropolitan (blue mantle, white klobuk), not a Patriarch. The Patriarchal mantle is green, and the headgear is cowl-shaped. Patriarchs, when fully vested, also wear a pectoral cross and two panagias (one bearing an icon of Christ, the other an icon of the Mother of God).
I have to say, that was a very well put together article. You especially make the clear distinction between Orthodoxy and Catholicism in your quotes of Thomas Aquinas and measuring them up with St. Dionysius. God bless you - In Christ, Sinner Michael
Thank you. Christos Jonathan
Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward,
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