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Thread: Irish Saints?
Can anyone think of 9 Pre-schism Orthodox Saints from Ireland, other than Ss. Brigid, Brendan, and Patrick? If any were warriors, that would be good too.... I have it in my head to do a piece of art with 12 Pre-schism Orthodox Saints of Ireland, sailing with Brendan into the unknown: the tentative plan is thus, copied from my blog on LJ: It would consist of St. Brendan in his boat, sailing in a storm with 11 other Orthodox Irish saints (Ss. Brigid, Patrick, Colombia, etc). My original idea had St. Patrick within the boat throwing a snake off the boat into the water... or perhaps him gently releasing it into the sea... St. Brendan would be in the front, standing, holding a Celtic Cross as the Currach crests a wave on the wine-dark sea. Above them, the sun would be peeking out of the storm clouds, shedding rays of light--representing the blessings of God upon these holy men and women. St. Brigid would be in her cloak, weaving one of her signature rush-made crosses. I haven\'t figured out what other saints should be in the boat, if there are indeed any other Irish pre-schism saints (almost positive there are, if not I could add some from Scotland, wales, and Angle-Land--perhaps Cuthbert could be pushing the boat?) Would be nice if one or more of them was formerly a warrior--it would be a good person to add into the boat....but i don\'t know. Thanks guys for your help! I haven\'t decided whether I\'d do this in a \"modern\" style or a traditional Orthodox style yet, but I\'ll keep you all posted.
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