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Can anyone think of 9 Pre-schism Orthodox Saints from Ireland, other than Ss. Brigid, Brendan, and Patrick? If any were warriors, that would be good too.... I have it in my head to do a piece of art with 12 Pre-schism Orthodox Saints of Ireland, sailing with Brendan into the unknown: the tentative plan is thus, copied from my blog on LJ: It would consist of St. Brendan in his boat, sailing in a storm with 11 other Orthodox Irish saints (Ss. Brigid, Patrick, Colombia, etc). My original idea had St. Patrick within the boat throwing a snake off the boat into the water... or perhaps him gently releasing it into the sea... St. Brendan would be in the front, standing, holding a Celtic Cross as the Currach crests a wave on the wine-dark sea. Above them, the sun would be peeking out of the storm clouds, shedding rays of light--representing the blessings of God upon these holy men and women. St. Brigid would be in her cloak, weaving one of her signature rush-made crosses. I haven\'t figured out what other saints should be in the boat, if there are indeed any other Irish pre-schism saints (almost positive there are, if not I could add some from Scotland, wales, and Angle-Land--perhaps Cuthbert could be pushing the boat?) Would be nice if one or more of them was formerly a warrior--it would be a good person to add into the boat....but i don\'t know. Thanks guys for your help! I haven\'t decided whether I\'d do this in a \"modern\" style or a traditional Orthodox style yet, but I\'ll keep you all posted.
Here\'s eight for you, from my personal commemoration list: Ss Fintan and Finlugh (Jan 3) St Ita (Jan 15) St Glunshallaich (June 3) St Eogan (Aug 23) St Barrog (Sept 27) St Dubtach (Oct 7) St Aedh MacBricc (Nov 10) Obscure Orthodox Celts Forever!
this sounds great. I love the Celtic pre-schism saints and story. How about: Caedmon, Columcille, Cedd, Aidan, Patrick,
St Caedmon was a Saxon, and St Cedd was a Northumbrian--technically speaking. :) My personal commemoration calendar has lots and lots of obscure Celts I\'ve picked up over the years. I\'ll be glad to post them all up (but Irish saints were specifically requested).
St Elwin, who we commemorate today!
[url=]Pre-Schism Western Saints[/url] just scroll through all the letters of the abc\'s
St. Senan of Clare, my patron saint.
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