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I grew up being able to talk or listen to politics without fear.  I personally think the reason why this county is in so much trouble is because serious informed discussion is not held about politics or religion, and their role in society. Instead our society focuses on getting by in order to "enjoy life", or in other words, to indulge our "rights".

Now we are at a juncture where people are talking to us about what the aforementioned means, and they are not merely talking to us, but they are telling us how to act, how to behave, who to love, and to stop worshipping God.  I believe that this is a direct result of not talking about politics, and not talking about religion.  Because while we were so obliging, there was a lot of thinking and talking about religion and politics, but not by the polity, those folks, honest working joe's who were cajoled into beliieving that life here on earth is merely about pursuing and enjoying "the good life".  We were all tricked into making the mistake of the rich man who stores up his provisions, and the rich man who stepped over Lazarus.  

And now we, the richest country (depending on what metric you count wealth) is about to become the most atheistic country on the face of the earth.  But I submit this proposition.  The United States is the First Atheistic country by constitution,  It neither professes a belief in nor an unbelief in God.  The God part of our national anthem was not added until the 1950's, if memory serves me, and our Divine Leader, (oh, you have not seen the Apotheosis of George Washington?), was a outright freemason.

I think we need to discuss these things...but I learnt this Pentacostal weekend, there is a time and a place for everything, and yesterday obviously was not that day...


So forgive me...

And I should not have called a parishioner a phoney...under my breath (but I'm sure she heard me).  



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