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Life can be a blessing and yet full of its confliction. Internal and exterior conflictions raise many questions and one self. The discovery of life and journey through it can leave marks and mixed feelings. We can choose which path we can take at our own free will. How do we filter through the mix complication of faith and wordly experiences. Many can agree that faith and execution of its actions can stir confusion in the direction we choose to take for what ever reasons they may be. Each person will have their own struggles and conflictions to confront.  I will do my best to attempt to provide some light in the relevant discussions to follow.  We must never forget that we are a miracle of christ  and that he has lifted the burdens and made our cross that we are tasked to carry lighter. He endured the pain and affliction to provide salvation. Christ descended to the depths of hell to give rise to the souls that believed. He triumphed over darkness and all its woes, for he was man and lived as man in body and flesh. He experienced what we humans call life. Christ has provided us one simple path to salvation. Yet we create simplicity into complication and tend to overlook the simple answer provided to us. 

We as orthodox christians face testing times. We are bombarded with media, distractions and confusions in the midst of our lives.  We live in the times that christ foretold in his wisdom and teachings. We will be tempted not as our fore-fathers were but rather more subtly through a slow progressing assault by foes and enemies who seek to devour and disemble the very link that stands as threat towards them. For they know what salvation brings and the gifts it offers for those who walk through the narrow gate. The path to the kingdom of christ is that of sacrifice and humility.  

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