Our Mission

OrthodoXCircle is the first social network for Orthodox Christians. It strives to be a positive and Christ-centered platform where Orthodox Christians around the world can connect and learn more about their Orthodox Faith through our articles, catechism videos, Q&A and more.  Since 2005, we've offered an alternative to the often toxic, dangerous and addictive environment of other social networking sites, OrthodoXCircle is a place for less drama and more truth, beauty and goodness. A place you can be inspired in your spiritual life while making Orthodox friends from around the world.

  • It's free to join.
  • There will never be any tracking or selling of your data
  • No censorship or banning of traditional Orthodox and conservative voices
  • Designed and operated by an Orthodox priest

Who’s behind OC?

OrthodoXCircle was originally launched in 2005 by two Orthodox friends, Ninos Oshaana and Paul Fontes. At the time, Facebook was still for college students, Google Circles didn't exist and MySpace was the only social network around. In 2008, Ninos answered the call to serve the Church in full-time ministry and enrolled at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology and was ordained to the Holy Priesthood in 2013. He currently serves as the priest at Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Vallejo, CA and leads the design and development of OrthodoXCircle. 

What makes OC different from Facebook?

Facebook is a business which, unfortunately, tracks its users along with other questionable conduct, in order to make billions of dollars selling advertising. It has a reputation for being addictive, toxic and for breeding division.  

OrthodoXCircle has always been a labor of love. Our mission is to inspire zeal and devotion to Jesus Christ and the Orthodox Faith. It's free to join and any ads you might see are only for other Orthodox ministries or content. 

How is OC  funded?

We believe your parish and other non-profit ministries are more deserving of donations.  Instead, we invite all our members to upgrade to our Supporter Membership Plan for just $1 a month. Supporters get full access to more features and content while helping us to sustain our operating expenses and to develop new features and content for all our members. We believe that throught this simple and affordable crowd-funding approach, everyone can benefit.   

What's the meaning of our logo?
The "XC" in the middle of the logo is the abbreviation for Jesus Christ who is the center of our faith and this ministry. 

Thanks for joining the Circle. Glory be to the Holy Trinity!

In Christ,

Fr. Ninos Oshaana