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OrthodoXCircle - The Orthodox Christian Social Network

Our Mission

OrthodoxCircle was created to achieve several goals and all the features of the site reflect the heart of our mission:

1. To provide a safe, family-oriented, Christian, social network where Orthodox Christians can fellowship, meet new people, connect with their priest, parish and ministries and reconnect with old friends, 

To communicate and learn about our Faith

3. To explore Orthodox resources and content

4. To discover ministry opportunities and find out about Orthodox events in your area.

5. To provide a welcoming place for serious seekers and catechumen who have discovered the Orthodox Church and want to locate a parish, a spiritual father, a mentor, develop friendships, find encouragement, faith resources, ask questions, get advice and help on their journey to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The site provides numerous tools that facilitate this mission. However, what makes OC a great place is our members.

Who’s behind OC?

OrthodoxCircle was originally launched in 2005 by two Orthodox friends, Ninos Oshaana and Paul Fontes. At the time, Facebook was still for college students, Google Circles didn't exist and MySpace was the only social network around.  OC was launched to offer a safe, positive and family-oriented environment for Orthodox Christians and seekers. The site was an instant success and gained nearly 5000 members within the first year.  Many new friendships were formed, intense and edifying discussions were held and even Orthodox singles met and got married.

In 2008, Ninos answered the call to serve the Church in full-time ministry and enrolled at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.  It was at this time that the original OC was taken offline with a promise to return in the future...

During his years at seminary, Ninos worked on developing the new version of OC in the basement of his student housing apartment on campus, whenever he wasn't in class, writing papers, worshipping in the chapel or being a husband and father of four.  He envisioned an online community that could support the outreach and evangelism efforts of Orthodox priests and parishes, connect Orthodox Christians worldwide and provide a unique, multimedia channel for learning and celebrating the Orthodox Christian Faith to both Orthodox faithful and seekers. Ninos realized that OrthodoXCircle could be a vehicle to give back to others the knowledge and inspiration he received at seminary. In 2013, just before his ordination to the priesthood, the all new OC was launched. 

Today, "The Circle" continues to be a place where Orthodox Christians and seekers of the true Faith can connect, learn and be inspired in their spiritual journey.  OC is self-funded and developed and offered by Fr. Ninos as a gift to the faithful and for the glory of God!  Fr. Ninos currently serves as a priest in the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco. OrthodoXCircle has the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

What makes OC different from Facebook?

Facebook is a business which, unfortunately, tracks its users along with other questionable conduct in order to make billions of dollars selling advertising. 

OrthodoXCircle is a Christian ministry founded and developed by an Orthodox priest and devoted to inspiring zeal and devotion to Jesus Christ and the Orthodox Faith. It's completely free. Any ads you might see are for other Orthodox ministries or content.    

Thank you for your support, prayers, presence and participation. Glory be to the Holy Trinity.